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KHAMATCO have a range of drilling systems and fluids.
KHAMATCO helps oil and gas operators increase efficiency and lower costs by Supply of Chemicals in time and best prices from the market.

Proven Chemicals for downhole challenges—from the simple to the complex
Specialized additives complement the efficiencies of our advanced drilling fluid Chemicals by targeting performance-hindering downhole problems that drive up costs and threaten drilling programs


BENTONITE is a sodium montmorillonite bentonite conforming to API 13 A SEC 11.
BENTONITE is a viscosifier and fluid loss reducer agent for all types of water based systems.

GUAR GUM is a natural guar gum polymeric viscosifier, derived from the seed of a guar plant. It is high viscosity polymer for use in freshwater and sea water spud muds.

STARCH HT is a high quality, modified starch used to provide fluid loss control properties in all types of water based mud systems.
KHA-STARCH is a high quality, Native starch used to provide fluid loss control properties in all types of water based mud systems.

CMC HV is a high viscosity technical grade sodium carboxy methyl cellulose of high molecular weight. CMC HV is a viscosifier and fluid loss reducer for water based muds.
CMC LV is a pure grade, low viscosity sodium carboxy methyl cellulose (Na-CMC). CMC LV is highly efficient as a fluid loss reducer in fresh, sea and saturated water based drilling mud, without affecting the rheological properties.

PAC LV is a technical semi-pure grade of polyanionic cellulose (PAC) of low viscosity. PAC LV is used as a fluid loss reducer and also acts…
XAN is a Xanthan Gum biopolymer is a blended Xanthan of high molecular weight, which act as primary viscosifier and weighting suspending agent in fresh and saline mud systems and acid viscosifier for matrix and fracture acidizing operations. Powder/ liquid

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KHAMATCO came into existence to attend to the needs of the Oil & Gas and Metal manufacturing industries on a global scale with a continuous supply of premium grade products through our vast experience in both fields combined with the extensive network of global manufacturers and suppliers.
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khamatco began its exciting journey in 2016. As the business grew and expanded, khamatco diversified its lines of business to cater to the needs of Oil and Gas Industry. We are mainly committed to serving the oil and gas sectors of the economy by producing, packaging/bagging, and supplying a broad range of oil and gas drilling chemicals, mining and General Trading in the GCC region. 

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